Nothing destroys morale
like the tolerance of bad or counterproductive behaviours

Be the change.

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Bad behaviours in the workplace drag down the good people around them. Almost everybody has experienced it. It leaves employees feeling frustrated, discouraged, demotivated, withholding effort, or worse.
They deserve better.

Nothing destroys morale like the tolerance of bad or counterproductive behaviours!
How to increase morale

Be the change,
act before it is too late.

Reduce the cost, consequences and frequency of counterproductive behaviour before it is too late.
Time to be proactive and not reactive.

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This year the Weinstein effect, #metoo, and other initiatives are gaining traction. People and Business are being held accountable for their actions, or lack of action, and a response is needed. Businesses face rapidly rising risks and substantial costs if they do not respond. Their integrity and their people need to be protected.
It’s Time.

Bad behaviour, intolerance, harassment, bullying and more have untold costs.
How to avoid theses costs

Protect your people.
Protect your business.

Peerspheres is a response that ensures a safe workplace protecting its employees from misconduct including sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, and more. Not to mention protecting the company
against costly settlement risks.

Root out the misconduct and counterproductive behaviour that may be lurking within your organization

Protect your people, your integrity and your organization.

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Nowadays companies are spending more and more effort to achieve a workforce centered in values and a strong culture. Typically we design it, present it, and post it on the walls. From time to time we spend more money to try to reinforce its importance. It is expensive, time consuming and elusive.

Unfortunately, getting everyone to live our culture and values every day is tough. It erodes with the regular challenges of business life, often fading to be background noise.

PeerSpheres automatically builds, enriches and reinforces your company culture, while keeping it top of mind.
How to build culture

Better people, better interactions,
better workplaces…better results

Peespheres delivers alignment, reinforcement, and motivation. We support this with focused early warnings when cultural deficiencies and challenges creep into the workforce.

The way we construct our questionnaires will focus on any of your established sets of goals (culture, key operating issues, safety) such that results guide managing choices.

This is an unparalleled and unique feature of our product.

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Better interactions, better people, better results.

“A cost effective stand-alone product for profound impact.”

“The product that you didn’t know you needed then wonder how you ever managed without it.”

“A simple automated SaaS software solution for any organizations.”

10 Additional Automated Solutions

1. Crowd-sourced ratings

Yearly performance reviews are quickly becoming a thing of the past. But what’s next?
What is better.?

Not social feedback- obviously too biased against the less social among us.

  • PeerSpheres: beyond 360 evaluation… unique applied wisdom of the crowd
  • the people who see the most and are closest to the action, are able to evaluate and identify the observable behaviors that need attention to ensure the enterprise stays on mission and values.
  • No voice is missed, and no voice overpowers another.
  • Unquestionable, balanced, candid (truthful), unbiased assessment.

Who rates who – another proprietary contribution to better results

  • We engage crowd wisdom based on our unique spheres of influence.
    wherever a person’s influence within the enterprise is felt, it is measured
  • Much less manager, HR, or Admin effort
    • every employee’s review grid is created by PeerSpheres,
    • those who have interacted with, or observed, a person’s performance
    • become their reviewers
    • Peerspheres compares each person’s review grid with the previous grids.
  •  Peerspheres AI reviews rater and rated selections comparing to see if there are people avoiding others or people targeting others.
  • Reporting unfairness for control when needed.
  • We also apply further undisclosed AI
2. Workforce buy-in


Evaluations are necessary, sometimes they can be awkward. Not everyone has the best skills for delivering personal evaluations. Not everyone is good at receiving evaluation feedback. Very few people enjoy the strain to their work relationships after an evaluation. The problem is that not everyone agrees and accepts their evaluations.


Delivering evaluations can be daunting. Let’s change that.

Our product directly engages the power of peer observation to compel change and to make the experience positive for all parties. Beyond being positive, it is impossible to deny what is observed.

3. Employee engagement

Story :

Employee engagement makes or breaks a company. It can be the reason why a person stays there for years, or why a company continues to grow.

But here’s the challenge –

Employee engagement drops dramatically if things are too complex. A do everything HR system can make people feel cornered and unable to express themselves, that’s why we have focused on creating PeerSpheres with simplicity in mind for you and your employees.

Engagement is highly dependent on how much people feel they are listened to, can voice their opinions or have received feedback. Most importantly is boils down to how well counterproductive issues are handled.

Give your workgroup this satisfaction and enhance engagement.

  • People want to do good work.
  • Those that do not … you would prefer not letting them dampen your team’s spirit.
  • Studies have shown that the vast majority want to know how well they are doing.
  • More and more people want to know how they are performing,
  • The more frequent the better.
  • Employee engagement research clearly supports more frequent feedback and recognition.
  • Both are near the top of the list for employee engagement drivers.

Inadequate performance communication reduces an employee’s motivation.

4. Automatic employee evaluation


Reasoned balanced evaluations have always been a challenge. There is always that risk …that an employee imagines that they have been rated unfairly. Not every employee always accepts the feedback and believes. We see their motivation sag, or antagonism rises.


  • Candid observations and pervasive voice of work associates when properly assembled, averaged and balanced cannot be denied.


  • We solve these challenges of evaluation for you. Spend less time evaluating and more time coaching
  • Evaluations are based on any set of shared goals that you use, and how observable behaviours are the foundation for achieving them.
  • Simple, effective and hassle free employee performance evaluation.
  • Delivering feedback is quick and easy for everyone involved.
    Management and workforce require minimal time to set and answer surveys.
  • Plus, feedback is delivered automatically by PeerSpheres. No manager meetings are needed.
    • Removes the stigma surrounding performance evaluation and ensures the delivery of results goes smoothly.
5. Building enterprise culture and motivation

Story :

More companies than ever are hoping to follow the lead of those who have thrived with rich effective cultures. We read about their successes. Some legacy companies are struggling to reframe and revive stale ones. There is no longer any mystery to the fact that a company that doesn’t live a strong culture of values is like a table that is missing one leg.


Building and living a winning culture the challenge.

Peespheres delivers alignment, reinforcement, and motivation.

We support this with focused early warnings when cultural deficiencies and challenges creep into the workforce.

  • This is an unparalleled and unique feature of our product.

The way we construct our questionnaires will :

  • focus on any of your established sets of goals (culture, key operating issues, safety), such that results guide managing choices.

The fast set-up and low costs promote regular interactions.

6. Early warnings of organizational problems

Early warnings – Find and stop little unseen threats before they become big ones.


Your workforce knows a lot more than they usually tell you.

They are aware of little problems and risks lurking and growing under the surface. Long before they become big ones, costly and corrosive. Better to nip them in the bud.


Usually by that time they get to management’s attention they are difficult and challenging to correct. Sometimes the costs are bigger than dollars – effort is withheld, engagement is lost, performance drops, people get hurt, companies stumble.

Or worse, catastrophes affect your business. This is happening a lot these days.


Root out impropriety and counterproductive behaviours early. With PeerSpheres the wisdom of the crowd, the knowledge within your workforce will guide you.

Uncover the risks early, avoid those costly ‘late to the party’ remedies.

Access the untold value in the observational power, collective knowledge and wisdom of your workforce  

7. Employee recognition

Alex story: When I was working at guzzo, I was doing a fantastic job throughout my whole work period. And during the Christmas party, I was even chosen specifically as the grand winner (kinda like employee of the year). Felt amazing. But as time persisted, since they knew I would always do an amazing job, i would get additional work where others didn’t. This kept continuing, while the recognition stopped. It became a norm to give additional work to me, but not to other workers. In the beginning I was understanding since I was recognized for this work. But then, it felt unjust since others would not have to input the same effort as me. I would see others slacking while I was working hard. As a result, having this kind of recognition is vital. It made me want to do the additional work beforehand. But without it, I felt I was being taken advantage of. I felt it wasn’t fair seeing others barely working while I was sweating.

We all love to get that pat on the back at times. Our system publicly rewards the big achievements within your workforce, boosts company morale, and drives performance. 


Recognition from an individual superior is good. But when others see you recognized by the entire workforce – it has so much more personal value. PeerSpheres does this for you.

You decide the focus, frequency and desired achievements. Big annual recognitions or small frequent incentives, what works for your business? We prevent cheating, and identify the exemplary employees you’re your workforce collectively observe to be the best.

PeerSpheres identifies your strongest performer for each and every questioned key focus measure that you survey.

8. Easy set up

We all need the benefits that ground-breaking products deliver. At PeerSpheres we know the problem is often that they take time to set up, integrate, and learn. In our past experiences we have been through this ourselves. Nothing is worse than buying a product and finding that it is a challenge to get it going and get everybody ramped up…those hidden costs.


We knew that our product had to bring its power for improvement … without these usual impediments and surprises that companies face getting to the benefits. So here is what we offer you:


  • No systems integration required.
  • Easy, effective and efficient.
  • Cost effective
  • Simple to implement
  • Requires no specialized knowledge
  • Easily understood by all

Other features of our game-changing business software

  • Customizable question fields and answer sets
  • Continuous remote software support
  • Free software upgrades
  • All data is stored safely on our servers. Secure off-site data and operation.
  • 24/7 real time reports for management to desktop and… to mobile devices
  • Customizable reporting parameters

And more

9. An undeniable measure of performance quality


A big management challenge has always been to effectively measure qualitative performance.

As managers we can measure some things concretely in dollars, time, and numbers. Unfortunately measuring quality has always been a soft measure, debatable and contestable. Ironically, true success for a company usually relies on quality and not quantity performance.

Now technology and crowd wisdom have been engineered to create PeerSpheres, producing unquestionable measures for performance quality.


Better measurement, better management…better results


PeerSpheres – effective measuring to improve people, interactions and performance quality

  • Providing profound personal motivation that propels change
  • Unburden your management from extra work chasing performance improvement
  • focuses staff on quality performance
  • No camouflage for poor performance
10. Control risks and costs of contested dismissals


Carefully maneuvering poor performers out the door is often a pain. Some leave gracefully, with no problems. It’s the ones who don’t that can cause problems. Some cause grief, extra effort and costs. Occasionally these costs become major.


When the company is challenged by one of these painful experiences, labour boards, review meetings, sometimes lawyers, and more can occur. The process can be expensive, time consuming and stressful. It can result with wasting valuable management time.


Protect yourself with uncontestable performance documentation for cause based dismissals, in advance and quickly with Peerspheres. Reduce costs and disruption at the workplace.

  • Poor performers are often motivated to create problems with unfounded claims of wrongful firing
  • Protect your business from costly contested dismissals.
  • You won’t have to put up with them while you build a supportable file on them.

What’s in it
for you

No camouflage for poor performance.

Profound personal motivation that creates change.

Candid observations and the persuasive voice of all participants.

Quick process for management and employee feedback.

Consumes less of your workforce’s productive time.

10 Additional automated solutions to specific problems.left arrowClick to see

What’s in it
for your employees

Engagement, Appreciation & Recognition.

A workforce free from counterproductive performers.

Nothing destroys team morale like the tolerance of poor performers.

Frustration is removed. No more watching poor performers hiding and getting by… with nothing that the good employees can do about it.

Remove potential perceptions of unfairness in evaluations.left arrowThe undeniable wisdom of the crowd, when properly assembled gives each employee the motivation to accept the results of feedback

Better people, better interactions, better workplaces.

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PeerSpheres is ready to enhance your business at every level.
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