Internal performance quality ecosystem

PeerSpheres leverages overall qualitative employee performance and overcomes the bias and skew inherent in typical performance review processes by delivering the undeniable input of an entire workforce. Engaging Maslow's Hierarchy, our direct to employee results motivate employee self-awareness while minimizing individual employee performance management. In addition to detailed, anonymous reports highlighting overall company performance, management receives critical and outstanding reports, allowing for action only where required.

By providing the entire workforce with a collective voice, PeerSpheres delivers management an emergent problem detector, unearthing undeniable problem areas within the corporation before they become a larger issue. PeerSpheres eliminates the need to spend valuable time and money hiring external consultants and evaluating results by establishing an ongoing channel of communication.

PeerSpheres' revolutionized approach to employee performance reviews collects and delivers the right information in the right way to align individual personal growth with your company’s core values, vision and key operational goals. 

Derived from the theory of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, PeerSpheres is designed to enhance employee performance by harnessing the inherent need to belong and using it to develop self-motivation at an individual level.

...the ideas and writing of:​

Gary Hamel,
Robert I Sutton,
Ricardo Semler,
Sisodia, Wolfe & Sheth.

​...practices and ideas from:
General Electric,
W.L. Gore and Associates.

​​We are inspired by...

Our bespoke response to typical performance management tools is an organic system that evolves based on the observational power of the entire workforce. Designed to remove the anxiety and mistrust of existing performance management structures while reducing cost, time and effort for management, our system delivers powerful drivers designed to self-motivate improvement at an individual level within a hierarchical corporation.

Our customizable, dynamic employee questionnaire is structured to remove the need for annual performance reviews by providing an ongoing tool for growth. We provide the workforce with a collective voice (recommended for groups of twelve or more) and use the candid, honest feedback to develop growth aligned with the vision, values and key operating goals of your company.