Why survey requests on receipts don't work and what to do about it

"Here's the problem with a survey on a receipt. You're telling me to carry this receipt around all day and go home and go online and fill it out?"

– Scott Stratten, author of Unmarketing and believer in Stop Marketing, Start Engaging

Businesses can't base changes on few responses

Companies that put a link to a survey on a customer receipt get a meagre response rate of 3 percent. That’s dismal. Businesses need data to improve customer service, but with such a  low uptake, the information collected is just not very useful. 

Links on receipts are just too much work for customers. They have to hold on to the receipt and remember to take the survey when they get home. Then they have to type in the survey URL and the survey code. It’s cumbersome – and no surprise that only a few customers bother to answer. 

You can’t make changes and improvements to your business based on the comments of a handful of customers. Nobody knows if their opinions reflect your market. 

The alternative?

Retailers and restaurants should set up an electronic survey near the cash to gather customer feedback on the spot. It’s quick and easy.

And that’s exactly what ExperienceStream kiosk, organizations can quickly find out how customers viewed their experience. It takes users just a few seconds to answer – no fumbling with paper receipts required.

The result?

A response rate of up to 27 percent. That's nine times what you can expect from old-fashioned receipt surveys.

Best of all, you will get plenty of data to improve customer service and meet client expectations. For more information about ExperienceStream, please contact us at 1.844.825.8325.