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Over the decades, Changent co-founder Bob Jeffries has seen it all. Toxic bosses, frustrated customers and employees who are so paralyzed by fear that productivity has plummeted. On the other hand, he has been blessed to observe wonderful people delivering outstanding customer service, supervisors who care about their staff and teams that work brilliantly together.


With all of these experiences in mind, Changent was born from a desire to improve customer interactions and create healthier workplaces. Bob spent years studying and learning about customer experiences and workplace challenges. He and Changent co-founder Yannick Bessette even opened a café to put these innovative ideas into practice.

They knew that the solutions would require tools to gather data about the experiences of customers and employees. They would need powerful software to assemble and analyze information and recommend actions. It would highlight wonderful customer service and flag situations where managers should intervene.

Bob’s initial idea for ExperienceStream needed help building the technology behind it. That’s where Yannick’s expertise comes in. Yannick is the founder of one of Montreal’s fastest growing software development companies, Beslogic Inc. He and his team have created the powerful software behind ExperienceStream, allowing the system to generate valuable reports and recommendations.

Changent has several products
that will dramatically change workplaces and the way that both customers
and team members view customer experience.
In addition to ExperienceStream, the company has created PeerSpheres. It is a powerful human
resources tool that gathers comprehensive employee experiences and provides warnings about
potentially troubling workplace situations. PeerSpheres fosters positive workplace cultures and
promotes employee well-being.
In conducting his research, Bob read hundreds of books and articles about human psychology, customer service and workplace best practices.

Changent stands for high value and high standards. At the same time, we believe that these lead to increased revenues and greater profitability. The Changent team is dedicated to:

Improving Workplace Interactions
Growing Employee Engagement
Building Customer Experience
We hope you’ll join us on this great journey.

Great Customer Experiences

ExperienceStream is the voice of the customer. Brick and mortar operations – stores, restaurants, cinemas and more – are all under threat from online services. The pace of change is incredible. It’s no longer possible to serve customers through “trial and error.” Firms need high quality data, delivered quickly. They require reports that allow them to implement immediate changes to keep existing customers and attract new ones.

At the same time, front-line employees must better understand what customers are experiencing and feeling. With improved customer understanding, staff can adjust their approach to clients and become more engaged at work.

In conducting his research before establishing Changent, Bob read hundreds of books and articles about human psychology, customer service and workplace best practices.

Then he stumbled upon a shocking statistic:

That’s a startling difference!

When he looked into this further, he discovered that companies often survey a handful of customers, either in person or via online survey invitations on receipts. As any statistician will advise, you need a large amount of data in order to generate useful information. Surveys just weren’t cutting it.

As well, by the time a customer took a receipt survey the customer service issue was over. Businesses need real-time information so that they can make immediate improvements.

Bob and Yannick vowed to find a better way. They were determined to come up with a method to gather more data, add value by analyzing it, and create better experiences for both customers and employees. ExperienceStream was born. Since then, their committed and talented team have poured their hearts into producing exceptional software and products.

Bob, Yannick and the team would love to chat with you about how ExperienceStream can make a difference in your organization.
Send us a note at info@experiencestream.com.

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