For tourist attractions and visitor centres, ExperienceStream is a powerful management tool

Gather tourist feedback and instantly correct customer service problems

Every tourist attraction and information office wants to deliver outstanding customer experiences. Quality data about visits are essential to monitoring Key Performance Indicators, improving service and ensuring that visitors return again and again.

Unfortunately, invitations to take an online survey are mostly ignored – as few as two percent of your guests will bother to answer.

It’s time for a new approach

With ExperienceStream, visitors can provide instant feedback while they are still at your site.

The response rate is as high as 27 percent, providing you with robust data to make important operational, staffing and marketing decisions.

Instant Alerts

Most importantly, with ExperienceStream you get instant reports. If a washroom needs cleaning or lineups for food service are too long, you receive an email alert and can fix the problem quickly. This keeps guests from becoming disgruntled and posting negative reviews online.

Collecting feedback at the point of experience is 40% more accurate than following up after the event

79% of consumers actually prefer to give feedback using touchscreens, rather than paper or online surveys

Here's how it works:

Visitors tap their feedback on a tablet or at an ExperienceStream kiosk. People are invited to take 20 seconds to answer a few simple questions. We keep it short to ensure response rates are high.
You can customize ExperienceStream by adding photos of staff on duty that day so that visitors can congratulate the person who helped them. This engages and motivates staff.
You can give people an incentive to respond by offering the chance of receiving a prize. The ExperienceStream kiosk can instantly and randomly print winning tickets. If desired, ExperienceStream can print coupons offering a discount as a way of thanking people for providing their feedback.
To gather more detailed feedback, there is an optional feature to invite people who have answered the brief survey to go online to answer a longer questionnaire.

Powerful Data Analysis

Managers use ExperienceStream’s powerful data analysis capabilities to make improvements.
For example, your reports may show negative results at certain times of the day when the attraction is crowded. You can adjust your staff schedules accordingly to ensure that visitors get prompt attention.
ExperienceStream is much more than a feedback tool.

It can help you develop marketing strategies, manage staff and build tourist demographic profiles.